Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Training

      For a competitive athlete, the only reason to implement a well designed strength training and conditioning program is to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

     Many of our patients are aspiring amateur and professional athletes. They not only want to rehabilitate their injury, but in many cases they want to perform better then before.

     The healing process following injury can be very complex, but offers an incredible opportunity to redevelop strengths and skills during a period where familiar performance has been compromised.

    Whether training to increase performance or recover from injury, the most effective approach is to respect the individual’s inherent athletic ability and allow the athlete to take an active role in the process.

    Expediting our patients' recovery is of prime importance to the Foothills Wellness Center. We incorporate a high performance total body training program with the individualized rehabilitation program. 

Diagnose, Rehabilitate, Recondition and Enhance Performance

As a board certified Diplomate of the American chiropractic Association of Sports Physicians, Dr. Picone has taught post-graduate courses on sports injury rehabilitation and training and published articles on ankle rehabilitation.

Dr. Picone has spent his whole life involved in sports as both a participant and physician. This has given him an intensive arsenal of treatment techniques designed to expedite rehabilitation and increase performance.

    Among his patients are professional athletes such as Glen Rice, Ron Siekaly, Meg Mellon, Jane Gedders, Colleen Walker and many others.